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85-77, 3rd Place in NL West

2000 saw virtually no changes to the uniforms, and the team was unable to capitalize on its 1999 success.  A late-season trade that sent Travis Lee and others to the Phillies in return for pitcher Curt Schilling would be a sign of success to come.  As a result of their 3rd place finish, manager Buck Showalter, the man who had such influence on the early uniform designs, was fired, replaced by announcer Bob Brenly.

The only minor changes of any kind actually had nothing to with the logos or colors themselves.  For the first two seasons, all jerseys and pants had been manufactured by Russell Athletic and featured their "R" logo on the right sleeves and left pants pockets.  In 2000, the Diamondbacks and a few other teams (such as the A's and Angels) switched to Rawlings and featured their script "R" logo on the left sleeves and left pants pockets.

Another minor change, one that occurred for all teams in 2000, was the addition of the MLB logo on the back collar.

1998 and 1999's jerseys featured a Russell logo on the right sleeves.

Rawlings took over in 2000 and placed their logo on the left sleeve.
Also note the MLB logo above player names on Matt Williams' jersey.


No changes to the design other than those mentioned above.


Home Alternates

Black, Purple, and Sleeveless jerseys were again worn for select home games.  The sleeveless vests originally had the Russell logo on the sleeve of the undershits, as well as on the backs of the jerseys.  With the MLB logo now added to the jerseys, manufacturer logos no longer appeared on the jersey itself.  (Starting in 2003, Majestic took over all teams, and they would place their logo on the left shoulder of all vests).


No changes, except those mention above.

Road Alternates

Again, only black jerseys were worn as road alternates.

Batting Practice

No changes made other than the MLB logo on the back collar which applied to all jerseys, not just game jerseys.  The previous season, there had been two versions, one with "Diamond" written in purple, and another written in teal.  It appears that teal won out, as only those were used in 2000.  In the picture below, Buck Showalter's jersey does not have his name on the back.  This may have just been an oversight, as all other pictures show both players and coaches with names on the backs of their BP jerseys.

Spring Training

The uniforms themselves stayed the same, but the black BP jerseys were now worn for road games.  Purple remained for home games, and purple helmets were still used for all games.

White caps still made some brief appearances during the spring, though as Buck Showalter's last year with the team, this would mark the final time they were ever worn in an official capacity.

Notice that Showalter (foreground) is actually wearing the black/purple BP cap, as all players did, while other coaches are the ones with white caps in this picture.