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84-78, 3rd Place in NL West

As a whole, things looked pretty much the same as before, but there were some slight changes in 2003.  Once again, a new manufacturer came along, as Majestic bought out the rights to all teams that had been previously supplied by Rawlings.  Majestic had been on the scene for a few years, supplying teams like the Cubs, Astros, and Blue Jays.  This meant new logos on the sleeves and pants for the Diamondbacks, but the biggest change was the elimination of the sleeve patch for all vests.  The undershirts were now blank, except for the small Majestic logo.  There were also some changes to the batting practice gear, but for the most part, things looked pretty similar before taking a closer inspection.


No changes, other than those mentioned above.

Home Alternates

The purple jerseys were eliminated, so only the only alternate option at home was the white vests.  No changes were made to them, other than those mentioned above.

Note the lack of a patch on the undershirts.  Technically, the official undershirt was also from Majestic, which featured their logo on the left sleeve.

However, players were free to wear whatever undershirt they want, as long as the color matched.  Thus, some players wore a plain purple undershirt with no logo of any kind.


No changes, other than the elimination of the sleeve patch.  As with the home vests, some players wore the official Majestic undershirt, while others did not.

Road Alternates

No changes, though the black jerseys were worn less frequently.

Batting Practice

In another effort by MLB to streamline all teams together, a single pattern for all teams' batting practice gear is unveiled.  Previously, teams' BP jerseys and caps were made from the same material, but they were free to choose their design.  Some had full button-down jerseys (as the Diamondbacks always had), others had pullovers with only two buttons at the neck.  The new design was made from a thinner mesh material, hailed to provide more moisture wicking, making it lighter and more breathable.  All teams now had a ring of stretchy fabric under the arms and a thin line of piping across the front of the arms.  Most teams decide to use different colors here than the rest of the jerseys, providing a nice contrast.  The Diamondbacks choose to make all sections of their jersey black, making the changes almost indistinguishable from the previous version.  The snake "D" logo returned to the left chest, the snake logo was still on the left sleeve, the back numbers were still teal/white/purple, and the names were still purple/white.

The caps also were reconstructed from the same material and now featured a much lower profile compared to the wool game caps.  A strip of color was added to the "sandwich" part of the bill between the top and bottom pieces of fabric.  Again, some teams opted to use the same color as the rest of the bill.  The Diamondbacks used purple for this space.


Other teams chose to use more colors, showing off the new pattern used by all teams.

Spring Training

The new batting practice gear was used for all spring games.  Purple helmets remained for both home and road.