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76-86, 4th Place in NL West

Another sub-par year on the field, and another season with relatively few changes uniform-wise.  The only real noticeable difference was the introduction of new helmets.  The Rawlings "CoolFlo" design had first been used by a few players during the 2005 All Star Game in Detroit.  Starting in 2006, a few teams decided to use them during the season.  Some teams made all their players use the new style, others left the choice up to the players.  The Diamondbacks were in the latter group, as some players decided to keep using the basic style.

The CoolFlo helmets were first used by about half the teams during the 2005 All Star Game.

The Diamondbacks were among the teams the tried it out, though it is hard to see in this photo.  Interestingly, in 2006, Luis Gonzalez would choose to wear the basic style for all games, while many of his teammates opted for the new design.

Some teams, like the Mets and Dodgers, used multiple colors and metallic paint to create a truly different look.  The Diamondbacks used a solid coat of standard black or purple paint.


No changes, other than the helmets.

About half the players wore the new CoolFlo helmets (like Eric Byrnes, second from left), while the rest stuck with the traditional design.

Home Alternates

No changes, other than the helmets.

A few more players chose to wear tight, long-sleeved undershirts, making for an interesting fashion statement.


No changes, other than the helmets.

The CoolFlo helmet was also available for double-ear-flapped helmets, worn by only a handful of major leaguers, almost all switch-hitters, such as Orlando Hudson.

The Nike undershirts introduced the year before also featured team logos on the chest, though they rarely made an appearance from underneath the jersey.

There was even more "innovation" from Nike and their undershirts, as they introduced multi-colored diamond patters.  They were available for all teams, but many refused to use them.  Again, they were only noticeable with vests, and again, they created a less than impressive look.

The undershirt and helmet choices were always left to each player,
meaning you could end up with grossly mismatching uniforms.

Light blue wristbands were worn by many players on Father's Day, as part of MLB's awareness of prostate cancer.  I am not sure when this started, but 2006 was the first year I could find photos, though I believe it began a couple years earlier.

Road Alternates

No changes, other than the helmets.

Eric Byrnes mostly wore the CoolFlo helmet, but there were times where he wore the basic style as well.

As with Father's Day, Mother's Day brought about an MLB promotion to raise money for breast cancer.  Some players wore pink wristbands, and some, like Craig Counsell, even used pink bats that were then auctioned off after the game.

American flag patches were again worn on the caps for their July 4th game at Los Angeles.

Batting Practice

No changes, and the purple jackets were again favored by many players.

Spring Training

No changes, other than the helmets.