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82-80, 2nd Place in NL West

Believe it or not, but some changes were made after only one year of the new identity.  Granted, they were all minor changes, but changes no less.  The first was a slight change to the primary logo.  The "A" and "K" were extended to mimic the fangs of a snake.



Another logo received a slight change, as there were some potential legal issues with the sleeve patch.  Magician David Blaine had been using a similar logo for years and thought the Diamondbacks' "DB" logo was a little too close.  Their solution was to add eyes inside the snake head and change the tongue from black to red.  Did this solve the problem?  You be the judge:

David Blaine's logo

Sleeve patch used in 2007

New logo for 2008

Additionally, a 10th anniversary logo was created and worn as a patch on the right sleeve of all jerseys.


No changes, other than the alteration to the "DB" patch and addition of the 10th anniversary patch.

Home Alternates

The red jerseys now had the colors reversed for names and numbers from the year before.  The numbers were black/tan and the names were tan/black.  No changes were made to the names and numbers of the black jerseys.  The patches were changed for both jerseys as mentioned above.

Light blue wristbands and ribbons on the jerseys were again worn for Father's Day.  New for 2008 was the rule that all base coaches must wear batting helmets.  Almost all coaches wore helmets with no ear flaps.

Fourth of July Caps

For the Fourth of July weekend, MLB had all teams wear special red, white, and blue caps.  Some teams only wore them on Friday the 4th, while some (including the Diamondbacks) used them the entire weekend series.  This gave the Diamondbacks a chance to match the cap with all three of their home jerseys.  The logos on each cap were superimposed over an American flag, as was the MLB logo on the back.  They were brought back for the September 11th weekend, with some teams wearing them only on the 11th, others wearing them for multiple games.  The Diamondbacks did not play on the 11th, and did not wear the caps at all then.

Los D-Backs

Another special uniform feature of 2008 was the tribute to Hispanic Heritage Night on August 30th.  Being a Saturday home game, the team would normally wear the black jerseys and caps.  On this day, the jerseys said "Los D-Backs" instead of the "A" logo.  The rest of the jerseys and the caps were the same as standard Saturday games.


No changes, other than the patches.

A better look at the revised "DB" patch, now with eyes and a red tongue.

Road Alternates

Changes to the back numbers and names as mentioned above, as well as the patches.

A trend started in 2007, every April 15th is Jackie Robinson Day, and players were allowed to wear his retired number 42 for that day only.  Several Diamondbacks players took advantage of the opportunity.  Those that wore 42 did not have player names on the backs, as teams did not use names during Robinson's playing days.

Pink wristbands were worn by some players on Mother's Day, and all players had a pink ribbon on their jerseys.

In previous years, small American flag patches were worn on the sides of the caps instead of the blue caps created for the 4th of July in 2008 (see above).  For Memorial Day in 2008, the old style was still used, barely visible on the left side on Brandon Webb's cap here.

Batting Practice/Spring Training

Just like the red alternates, the batting practice jerseys had the colors on the back reversed.  There were no patches on the sleeves, so the changes mentioned above do not apply.

Batting practice jerseys (with new colors on back) and caps were again worn for all spring games, along with red helmets.