Arizona Diamondbacks Uniform History

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This website attempts to chronicle the history of uniforms worn by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Although they only date back to 1998, in that short time they have managed to put together an impressive collection of uniform combinations. Whether you are a fan of their looks or not, you must admit that they certainly have a colorful (and confusing) history. Because of the many different uniforms, I hope this site will clarify things, and this is to be used as for educational purposes only.  I have yet to find any website dedicated to this purpose.  The official Diamondbacks website only provides the following graphics, which are not very helpful, or entirely accurate.




I have organized the information chronologically and created separate pages for the jerseys, hats, helmets, and other unique items. Everything from socks to number fonts can be found here.  For alternate jerseys, the choice of which to wear each game was usually made by that day's starting pitcher.  Starting in 2007, the changed to a weekly schedule, whereby different jerseys would be worn depending on the day of the week.  While I have spent many hours researching photos, some errors may exist, so if you find anything, please let me know, as I intend for this site to be as accurate as possible.

This site will always be a work in progress, and I don't think I will ever consider it to be "finished."  If you have any addition insights or information, please send them my way at

I am in no way affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks or Major League Baseball. I also claim no copyrights to any of the images you see here.

I have also put together a similar site for the Seattle Mariners.