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Diamondbacks by the numbers - Click to see which number was worn by every player in team history

The Diamondbacks have only used 2 different fonts for player numbers.  However, the colors for each jersey changed quite a bit in the early years, as it seemed no two jerseys used the same color scheme.

The first font was used from 1998-2006, though it had several variations and outlining schemes.  Almost all had back numbers with a 3-color scheme, the only exception being the 2001-2006 road jerseys, which featured a fourth color as a drop shadow.  Most jerseys only had numbers on the back.  The few that had front numbers have them depicted here as the smaller sets.

Home & Alternate Vest, 1998-2006
(Front numbers only worn on home jerseys, 1998-2000, never on vests)


Road, 1998-2000

Road, 2001-2006

Purple Alternate, 1998

Purple Alternate, 1999-2002

Black Alternate, 1998-2000 & Batting Practice, 1998-2006

Black Alternate, 2001-2006

With the new uniforms in 2007 came a new font for all jerseys.  Front numbers were never used, so only back numbers are shown here.  As the number of colors in the logo were toned down from the original set, a 2-color scheme was used for all jerseys.

Home, 2007-

Road, 2007-

Red Alternate & Batting Practice, 2007

Red Alternate & Batting Practice, 2008-

Black Alternate, 2007-